Yitzi S.

Senior Risk Manager, Independence Healthcare

Shomer Insurance Agency is the best insurance broker in California. The service they provide is simply outstanding. Their team is extremely dedicated and will do whatever it takes to ensure your company’s needs are met.”

Damian C.

Senior Risk Manager, ReNew Health Group

“I would like to thank the Shomer team for all the hard work and dedication. You have made my job a millions times easier! Our companies have learned a lot from one another, and we are very appreciative.”

Chaim K.

COO, ReNew Health Group

“Ari and Team Shomer have been with us from the very genesis of our company and consistently delivered the very best- every time – and continue to do so. The Insurance landscape is littered with landmines and Shomer has always been at the forefront in providing safe passage and awesome training and personnel to educate our workforce to deliver on the ReNew moto of ‘Culture to Care, Skill to Heal’. Thank you Shomer for joining us on this journey.”

Andra R.

Executive Services Administrator, Transcend Residential Care

“Shomer is a great company! They are fast, reliable, and get the job done. They really pay attention to their clients’ needs. I would recommend their services to anyone.”

Joy J.

Executive Assistant, Rockport Administrative Group

“If you think concierge service should be offered by an insurance company then contact SHOMER.  Concierge service requires team members dedicated to providing excellence and SHOMER has two of the very best—Ari Baer and George Ramos are among the most easily accessible, dedicated, friendly,  knowledgeable, professional, responsive, and absolutely amazing people who I have been privileged to work with for several years. They’re never too busy to promptly return a call, discuss a policy, or even assist in filing a claim. Over the years, they have shared their industry insights and unstintingly offered educational assistance and additional services. It has been such a pleasure working with a group who know me by name, not by policy number!”